How to authorize your Google Account

Authenticate with Google to easily pull in a Google Slide template or data from Google Sheets or Drive.

To easily share a Google Sheet or Slides deck with Slideform, first authenticate your Google account. 

  1. In Account, scroll down and click Authorize G Suite. This will open the Google Sign in page.
  2. Select the correct account and enter the credentials if prompted. The credentials are not stored by Slideform.
  3. Once you see the "Authorization Complete" screen, close that browser tab and go back to your original tab.  Now your Google Drive contents are ready to use in Slideform.
  4. To connect a specific Google Sheet as a data source, go to Data Sources, Add Data Source, and choose Add Integration on the Google Sheets card. On the next scree you will be able to Select the file from Google Drive with the built in Google file picker. You can also use the Google file picker to choose a Google Slides deck to use as a template or as a data source.

How to link your Google account