How to Generate a Presentation

Select your presentation and create the final output.

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 1.03.10 PM

Slideform is built to fill in content (images, charts, tables, data, text) in your presentation so you don't have to copy and paste content into your slides.

The final step in creating a presentation in Slideform is to click "Generate" on the project card. There you will be prompted to provide any information that was not specified in the data mapping step. You will see a question or prompt for any pragmas that were left blank, or for any dropdown menus that were set up in the Data Mapping stage.

Once you answer all the questions, a progress meter will show you that the system is working, and then a slide preview will appear. Any errors or Q/A warnings will also be displayed. 

If the slides look correct, save the output as either PowerPoint, Google Slides, or pdf. The output will then be available to view or download from the Downloads section of the Projects page.